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ZUMMBEE is the result of the collaboration between Ajubel Studio and Gustavo Aranda.

Ajubel is a critically acclaimed creative artist and author with over 60 awards in Cuba and 59 international in design, illustration, drawing, graphic humor and painting. The most important awards include two bronze medals and an Honorable Mention BND (Best Newspaper Design), United States, 1994. He received the National Award for Best Illustrations of Children's and Juvenile Books published in 2003, presented by the Ministry of Culture of Spain. He also received the unique award and invitation for creating the new international image of Wines from Spain, convened by the Institute of Foreign Trade of Spain (ICEX) in 2003.

His version of The cat that walk by himself was selected by the Apple Company for the international presentation of the iPad Mini, and considered as one of the five best books of 2012 made with iBooks Author.

Nowadays he teaches workshops and lectures about illustration and technology. He also leads several teams of app developers working on original projects, as well as guest collaborations.

Gustavo is the Programme Leader for Videogames Programming at ESAT (School of Arts and Technology) in Valencia, Spain. He’s also an indie game developer. For over 14 years Gustavo has wore many hats in life, combining his job in the video game industry with some teaching and research. When he’s not coding games, he’s generally composing some game music, enjoying a demo party or simply waiting for Sega to release a new game console.

Music by Lalo Narbona. University Degree in Science in Music and Antropology of Music (UCV), Teacher and Consultant. Qualified and versatile musician, currently working as a freelance teacher and performer of plucked string instruments and music theory. Conductor and arranger, executive director of radio programs specialized in jazz and early music. He has also taken part in formations with different musical styles and as a composer of soundtracks for diferent audiovisual projects, media and audiovisual companies, among them Ajubel Studio.



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46005 Valencia - Spain
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Other Apps


Piopio Game is the result of the collaboration between Ajubel Studio and Irene Blasco Studio . Both have collaborated before in other projects like “El salto a la app” and “Rita la lagartija”..



Concept and art direction: AjubelStudio
Illustration, design and animation: AjubelStudio
Developer: Gustavo Aranda / Music: Lalo Narbona

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